Does Arsenic album 30 works in COVID19 ?

Homeopathy and covid19

Covid-19 Pandemic does not need any introduction here as everyone knows about the mode of transmission , Its symptoms and precautions one should take to prevent the infection .

Meanwhile AYUSH came up with the advisory on 29th Jan 2020 ( which recommended that homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album can be used as a prophylactic medicine against corona virus infection.

In response to this advisory many patients , acquaintances and even non believers in homeopathy sought my advice . So I thought of shedding some light on it :

Homeopathy is based on the principle of “Individualization” means every individual is unique .

According to homeopathic philosophy, diseases occur when the body’s vital force (Vital Force => An energy that enables all living things to self-heal or to preserve life by adapting to environmental changes) is disturbed.

So the homeopathic physician will understand basic details of the patient which includes his physical constitution like his build ,posture and his mental make up – his nature , temperament , any peculiar likes or dislikes , his reactions to different situations etc.

After considering all these details, Physician comes to a single constitutional remedy which will boost his immunity in natural way by generating maximum antibodies against the antigens to fight against any viruses .

Coming back to the main question : I personally would not recommend any one specific medicine for all because use of single medicine for varied group of people is against the fundamental principle of homeopathy .So before taking any medicine ,One should consult the homeopathic Doctor to know his constitutional dose to improve his immunity or in case of any symptoms .

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  1. Vasant D. Nimse.

    I completely agree with the articlewrktten by the Homoeopathic physician Dr. Shilpa. As the constitution of every person is different a single medicine can not be given to a group of people according to fundamental principle of Homoeopathy. So this article is very informative and useful.

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