Wonderful Homeopathy for Children


I have always found pediatric cases very interesting but at the same time very challenging as it requires meticulous observation. Physician’s observation plays an important role in treating pediatric cases as there cannot be any standard questionnaires.

The early years of child’s life are very essential for his /her biological, psychological and emotional growth. The type of parenting and surroundings has a great influence on child’s emotional, behavioral, cognitive and social development.

Today with increasing awareness, Parents prefer homeopathy for their young ones as the medicines are prepared from natural substances like extracts from plants, minerals, animals, free from chemicals and without any harmful side effects. These medicines help to strengthen child’s immunity so that he / she can fight off the disease from within.

In cases of infants and toddlers, Factors such as mother’s mental state during pregnancy, her surroundings, her relationship with family members or other close persons play significant role in development of the child. These factors are also considered before giving treatment. After the age of 2 to 3 years, Child starts developing his/her own personality.

As the medicines have effects on physical body as well as mind, It can successfully treat behavioral disorders like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Anxiety disorder, Depression, Learning disorder, Autism etc.

Various factors necessary for determining unique (known as constitutional) dose are:

  1. Main Complaints – Physical or Mental
  2. Ailments from –
  • Physical: Change of climate, insect bites, Injuries, allergies
  • Mental: H/O Punishment, fright, Anger, Jealousy.

Example: Ignatia, Tarentula are used in bad effects of being punished.

  • History of Vaccination or any other medication – Thuja, Silicea can be used in cases of bad effects from vaccination.
  1. Milestones- Developmental milestones such as crawling, talking, walking, dentition. Whether they were timely, early, delayed or any other associated symptoms, e.g. Chamomilla is effective in cases of dentitional diarrhea.
  2. Personal data-
  • External appearance:

Calcarea carb child is fat, flabby with fair complexion.

Abrotanum child has bloated abdomen with emaciation of legs.

  • Other factors like any specific food habits, thirst, stools etc.
  • Perspiration: e.g:

Calcarea carb, Chamomilla get profuse perspiration on scalp.

Silicea gets profuse perspiration on scalp, feet with sour, offensive odor.

  • Sleep: Any particular sleeping position. Also starting, talking, laughing during sleep.
  • Thermals: Sensitiveness to heat or cold.
  1. Mind- It is the most important factor in homeopathic point of view. Every child is unique and so his/her nature, temperament and reactions to different situations.

e.g.    Pulsatilla is suited to timid, affectionate, yielding child, weeps easily, better by consolation.

Chamomilla is suited to cross, irritable, snappish, quarrelsome child, He/she doesn’t like to be touched.


Child’s behavior in healthy as well as diseased state is studied.e.g. Belladonna child is jovial and entertaining when well but becomes violent when sick.

Above all are few examples of how homeopathic medicines are selected for a particular case.

Homeopathy works very well in many acute cases like cold, cough, diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting as well as in chronic conditions such as asthma, various allergies, tonsillitis, bedwetting, epilepsy (convulsions), eczema, chronic constipation in children.



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  1. Smita Bharkad

    Very well information about homeopathic treatment for children. Homeopathy medicine is very effective in critical cases as well as for kids. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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